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KIRKS Spotlight: Delco Remy Starters and Alternators

When transit, coach, and fleet maintenance managers need OEM replacement parts, KIRKS is their go-to resource for major brands. Delco Remy is recognized as the flagship manufacturer of rotating electrical parts, specifically starters and alternators.

An Industry Leader in Starters and Alternators

The Delco Remy brand leads the industry due to its long history of product innovation and continuous investment in research and development. 

In the early 1960s, the company began to develop more efficient alternators, producing more power than traditional generators. Being smaller and lighter made them easier to install: a significant improvement over those manufactured at that time, which were heavy, bulky, and had limited output.

Delco Remy alternators were first used in high-performance vehicles and soon became standard equipment on many types of vehicles, including trucks, buses, and boats. 

By the 80s, Delco Remy had become the leading supplier of high-output alternators with a reputation for quality and innovation. The race to introduce new products with even higher output and efficiency has become ever more competitive, and Delco Remy has maintained its cutting-edge reputation. 

For History Buffs, Here’s Delco Remy in Two Minutes

In 1896, Perry and Frank Remy began experimenting with improving ignition systems for gasoline engines in a small 14′ x 20′ building in Anderson, Indiana. 1 The Remy Electric Company was incorporated in 1901 and manufactured the “Dynamos” for stationery engines. 

The company became a sought-after resource with the advent of the automobile for all things electrical, from self-starting cranking motors to battery ignitions, coils, and switches. Remy Electric Company went through several purchases until it became a division of General Motors in 1911. 

Then, on July 9, 1924, General Motors, already having acquired Delco (originally Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company, Dayton, Ohio), introduced the Delco-Remy Corporation, merging its two electrical divisions.
Through the years, the division built an impressive portfolio of innovation, and in 1994, Delco Remy was purchased by private investors. The company’s name was changed, dropping “Delco” 2004 to Remy International, Inc. 2

In 2015, Borg Warner announced its acquisition of Remy International. Recognizing the brand equity in Remy’s flagship product brands in the commercial vehicle market, they maintained the Delco Remy name for its products. 3

Delco Remy Meets the Heavy-Duty Demand for Power

Due to the demand, transit and commercial vehicles require for power, heavy-duty industrial alternators must meet the need for consistent power, often in challenging conditions such as extreme heat or cold. Transit companies use Delco Remy high-output alternators because they are designed to meet the demands of heavy-duty applications and can provide reliable power for long periods.

Delco Remy alternators with heavy-duty bearings, high-temperature insulation, and durable housings are also designed for fuel efficiency, producing more power while using less fuel. Fuel efficiency means significant cost savings for transit and fleet applications through the life cycle of their vehicles. Delco Remy’s Fuel Economy Calculator for 12-volt systems helps estimate cost benefits.

When transit, coach, and fleet maintenance managers require OEM parts, they rely on Delco Remy because they are designed to meet the demanding needs of heavy-duty applications and have a proven record of reliable quality and durability.

In-demand alternators from Delco Remy: 24SI, 26SI, 28SI, 35SI, 40SI, 55SI

We’ve listed the starters and alternators below that are the most in-demand models for transit and fleet maintenance teams. Summaries of the features and benefits are included with links to Delco Remy’s site for more details.

24SI™ Heavy Duty Alternator

The 24SI brush-style alternators have dual internal fans providing maximum cooling technology, improving efficiency and durability.

  • 12-volt models with output up to 160 Amps
  • 24-volt models up to 70 amps
  • J180 or pad mounting configurations available 
  • OE approved, assuring OE quality, reliability, and performance 
  • Superior Output: 160 Amps at road speed and 100 Amps at idle 
  • Dual Internal Fan (DIF) provides Maximum Cooling Technology.
  • Lightweight and compact for simplified installation
  • Warranty: 1 year/unlimited miles (Applicable to US and Canada only)

28SI™ Heavy Duty Alternator

The 28SI high-output alternator is designed for applications requiring higher electrical output, with lower weight for fuel savings.  Vehicles like school buses could experience premature failures due to high engine temperatures. 

  • Dual internal fan (DIF) design provides maximum cooling 
  • OE approved, assuring OE quality, reliability, and performance
  • Superior output producing up to 200 Amps at road speed and 140 Amps at idle
  • Equipped with Remote Sense which utilizes a second wire that reads the actual voltage at the battery. This signals the alternator to boost its output to compensate for the voltage drop, ensuring 14 Volts at the battery.
  • Reduces battery charge time by 50%: The proper voltage forces more current into the battery bringing it to a full state of charge between vehicle stops. 
  • Warranty: School Bus: 2 year/unlimited miles*. All Other Vehicles: 1 year/unlimited miles* (Applicable to US and Canada only)

35SI™ Heavy Duty Brushless Alternator

The Delco Remy 35SI is designed for high-underhood-temperature EGR and ACERT* engines. 

  • Designed for high-underhood-temperature EGR and ACERT* engines.
  • Heat-dissipating radiant vents and thermally tolerant internal components ensure high output in environments up to 105°C / 221°F. 
  • Brushless design with fewer moving parts and internal connections for superior performance and contamination resistance and longer life

Some 35SI models are equipped with Remote Sense bringing it to a full state of charge between vehicle stops.

40SI™ Heavy Duty Brushless Alternator

The Delco Remy 40SI efficiency rating is best-in-class, and high efficiency translates to less engine horsepower requirements, resulting in substantial fuel savings.

  • Output: ranging from 240 to 320 Amps
  • Brushless Advantage: fewer moving parts means less wear and longer life 
  • Equipped with Remote Sense which can reduce battery charge time by 50% 
  • Available in three mounting styles
  • OE approved, assuring OE quality and performance for aftermarket replacements 
  • Superior output producing up to 320 Amps at road speed and 190 Amps at idle 
  • Warranty: 3 year/unlimited miles (Applicable to US and Canada only) 
  • High Efficiency = Fuel Economy 
  • High efficiency translates to less engine horsepower requirements, resulting in substantial fuel savings.

55SI™ Heavy Duty Brushless Alternators

The Delco Remy 55SI takes on today’s demanding electrical loads of heavy-duty vehicles. 

From 12-volt utility & work trucks and long haul trucks with auxiliary power units to 24-volt applications like graders and wheel loaders, the 55SI takes on the demanding electrical loads of today’s heavy-duty vehicles with high efficiency.

  • Powerful: 12 Volt 430 Amp and 24 Volt 250 and 275 Amp models provide high output performance at engine idle for applications with significant electrical loads. 
  • Durable: Brushless design has fewer moving parts. Fewer moving parts mean less wear and longer life. 
  • Equipped with Remote Sense which can reduce battery charge time by 50% 
  • Efficient: high efficiency translates to less engine horsepower requirements, resulting in substantial fuel savings. 
  • Compact: Weighing in at 43 pounds with a frame length of only 8 inches, freeing up engine mounting space. 
  • Warranty: 3 year/unlimited miles (Applicable to US and Canada only)

39MTHeavy Duty Gear Reduction Starter

The 39MT starter is ideal for heavy-duty truck and off-highway applications. 

  • Over Crank Protection (OCP) is standard in the new models. It monitors the internal temperature and prevents thermal damage to the starter by preventing over-cranking. 
  • Integral Magnetic Switch (IMS) reduces voltage drop and ensures the solenoid receives the maximum available voltage in any starting condition. 
  • Rotatable flange models were explicitly designed to improve service flexibility and part number consolidation. They easily replace competitive units and provide full industry application coverage. 
  • Electrical soft start that rotates the pinion for proper ring gear engagement before cranking
  • Warranty for All Makes models: 3 year/unlimited miles (Applicable to US and Canada only)
  • Cranks up to 30% faster than the competition

42MTNew and Reman Starter

Genuine Delco Remy new and remanufactured units are produced using the same stringent quality guidelines and technological advances.

  • Reman Coreless Offering Starter: Remanufactured, not rebuilt
  • Continual improvement of OEM engineering
  • Disassembly and inspection, out-of-spec parts replaced, corrosion treatment applied to remanufactured units
  • Patented Semi Solid Link Solenoid installed minimizes joint relaxation and helps avoid mechanical solenoid failure due to low system voltage.
  • Over-crank Protection (OCP) prevents the starter from cranking at high internal temperatures and protects the unit in adverse starting conditions. The 49MT cranks up to 10.5% more than the competing brands.
  • Meet OE specifications: Tested to meet OE specifications
  • Warranty: 18 months, unlimited mile nationwide (Applicable to US and Canada only) 

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