Eagle TTR

Eagle tractors are known around the world for their All Wheel Drive powertrain and ability to provide safe and controlled traction in all weather conditions.


TTR - 6, TTR - 8, TTR-12 AWD Tugs

The Eagle TTR series is the next generation of Eagle tractors, implementing clean-burning Tier 4 technology and improved design features.

Safe, Efficient, with All-weather Performance

The TTR Series vehicles combine a low-profile design and ergonomic operator compartments with strong visibility and sight lines for safe and efficient handling. Eagle TTR Series tugs pack a significant amount of value into a robust and compact vehicle with many standard features. The Eagle TTR-6, 8, and 12 tractors were designed to tow or push in all weather conditions.

Eagle has been manufacturing the industry’s most reliable and functional tow tractors for over 45 years. Designed and manufactured in the United States, the TTR Series is backed by factory direct service and support, the strongest warranty in the industry, and the highest level of quality and customer service.

Standard Features
  • Tier 4 Final complaint
  • All Wheel Drive
  • Power steering and braking
  • Rear hitch spotlight
  • Side and top access to engine
  • Post mounted strobe light
  • Front and rear brakes
  • Parking brake override protection
Selected Options
  • Limited slip rear axle
  • Heated cab
  • 2,000 hour preventative maintenance kit
  • Front and rear E-hitch
  • Heavy duty stainless steel chock basket
  • Backup alarm
  • Chassis turn signals & front hitch spotlight
  • Rubber deck protectors
  • Towbar and head storage rack
  • Wing walker platform
  • Custom paint scheme

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*Max Tow (Wet – 1% Grade)
75,000 lbs (34,000 kgs) 85,000 lbs (38,600 kgs) 130,000 lbs (59,000 kgs)
Max Unloaded Speed
23 mph (37 kph) 17 mph (27 kph)
Max Loaded Speed
4.3 mph (6.9 kph) 3.7 mph (5.9 kph)
Service Brakes
Front – Disc Back – Drum
Kohler – Turbocharged, Intercooled, Common Rail
Emissions Level
Tier4 Final Compliant

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