Transit Tech 6000 Test Stand

Specially designed to test alternators of varying outputs and mounting configurations. These specialized products allow our fleets and maintenance teams to easily and efficiently measure and evaluate different variables of their alternators.

HIPRO REMAN Approved Equal
Test Stands

Test Stands

KIRKS Transit-Tech 6000 is the industry-leading high-output alternator test stand with the capability to test alternators up to 600 amps at 5000 RPM. It is powered by a 50HP premium efficiency 460V AC motor controlled by an industrial-grade adjustable frequency motor speed controller.

The innovative 15” touch screen display makes it easy for maintenance teams to test and verify the outputs of remanufactured alternators and regulators prior to installation. Get the peace of mind knowing that your alternators can handle the electrical loads demanded by today’s transit bus applications. Call KIRKS to learn how you can bring this confidence to your shop!

Kirk’s Transit-Tech 6000™ Test Stand is engineered to provide:
Automatic and manual computer-controlled output testing Testing and adjusting voltage regulators
Load-testing at various oil temperatures and pressures Tooling available for all types of alternators
Endurance testing at high output for extended periods USB port for easy data transfer
Windows software for test results and reports Innovative touch screen for easy control
Load-testing up to 600 Amperes Kirk’s Transit-Tech 6000™ produces test summary for each

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