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KIRKS is the exclusive distributor of Eagle Tugs for the transit and industrial markets nationwide.

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Eagle Tuggers for Transit, Manufacturing, and Warehouse Applications

Eagle tuggers push and tow efficiently, reliably, and safely.


Eagle Transit Pro Models

Maneuvering a disabled bus or coach through a service garage poses a difficult challenge for maintenance teams. The Eagle Transit Pro does more than efficiently and safely serve as a robust bus pusher.

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Eagle BobTail

The Eagle Bobtial Gas models are equipped with the Ford Motor Power units and Custom Design Eagle Towing with towing capacity from 67,000 pounds to 111,000 pounds.

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Eagle XM-20 and XM-30

The Eagle XM models are Diesel Powered, All Wheel Drive Tow Tractors with a towing capacity of up to 215,000 pounds.

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Eagle TTR – 6, 8, & 12

The Eagle TTR models (6, 8, & 12) Diesel Powered, All Wheel Drive Tow Tractor with towing capacity from 75,000 to 130,000 pounds.

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Eagle eTT-8X, eTT-12X

The Eagle eTT-8X and the eTT-12X are 80 Volt All Wheel Drive, All Wheel Steer, with passenger seating and towing capacity from 115,000 to 171,000 pounds.

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Eagle STT Electric Tug

The Eagle STT was created after many years of research and design with leading ergonomics and safety engineers with continuous operator feedback.

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Eagle RTT-50

The Eagle RTT-50 is 80 Volt Tug that offers stand or sit operator application with towing capacity of up to 50,000 pounds and a turning radius of 88 inches.

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Eagle RTT-12, RTT-18

The Eagle RTT-12 and RTT-18 are 48 Volt Tugs that offer stand or sit operator applications with towing capacity from 12,000 to 18,000 pounds.

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