Our tugger and tow tractors are efficient and flexible transport solutions to aid our clients on their logistic routes. These give operators a safe way to transport goods to various locations.

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KIRKS is the exclusive distributor of Eagle Tugs for the transit and industrial markets.

Do you need a utility tractor to service your bus fleet? Get an Eagle Transit Pro for transit towing. Eagle filled a need for the Transit industry by turning its TTR tow tractors into service vehicles for inoperable buses.

The Eagle Transit Pro is an all-in-one towing service tool that can push inoperable buses out of the way or back to the maintenance garage, jump-start dead batteries, or service tires and air systems on the spot. Choose from our hard-working transit towing models, including the TTR-6 Eagle Transit Pro. Your KIRKS account manager will help you analyze your requirements and select the right tugger for your facility.

For our industrial customers, you can tow and push anything from people trams to rocket launch platforms efficiently, reliably, and safely. Eagle also manufactures specialized industrial tugs, such as the RTT and STT electric tow tractor models for dolly exchange applications.

The revolutionary RTT and STT family of industrial tuggers is explicitly designed around the strict ergonomics, safety, and efficiency requirements of today's high-volume manufacturers. Equipped with an efficient 48V or 80V A/C brushless motor and an optional "Smart Charge" battery, the Eagle RTT and STT electric tuggers are the most efficient and flexible industrial tuggers on the market today.

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