Brake pads or brake shoes, we provide products proven to offer our clients the utmost in safety and stopping power. Made for everyday use, ask about our ceramic or semi-metallic options.

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Braking Solutions

KIRKS delivers complete braking solutions for every industry, ranging from automotive, heavy-duty truck, industrial equipment, and transit applications.

Our NAPA brake solutions offer a complete range of stopping options and protection levels against rust and corrosion. We cover nearly every passenger vehicle on the road today, from vintage to hybrid & electric vehicles.

KIRKS has partnered with top brands in the heavy duty and transit brake industry. You’ll recognize manufacturers and remanufacturers such as Celerity Systems, Haldex, SKF, Graham White, and BBB Industries.

Call KIRKS for everything you need, from pads, rotors, and calipers to air brake compressors and dryer systems.

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