Brake pads or brake shoes, we provide products proven to offer our clients the utmost in safety and stopping power. Made for everyday use, ask about our ceramic or semi-metallic options.
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kirks emissions parts


A variety of emission and exhaust products at your fingertips. Our products boost the mileage in any car or truck. From catalytic converters to exhaust adapters and connectors, we do it all.
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Tuggers & Transit Pro

In 1969, Eagle designed the Bob Tail all-weather, high-speed cargo tractor, and it continues to be the leader in long-distance cargo handling.
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Starting and Charging

Dependable and reliable products that you can count on. We carry battery and load testers, chargers, jump starters and other various parts to boost your automotive equipment.
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Heating & Cooling

Water pump, radiators and thermostats are always in stock at KIRKS. We carry a wide range of air conditioning and heating products. We stock a number of replacement parts to make it easy for you.
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Engine & Fuel

Our engine systems exceed the expectations for efficiency required by the commercial and off-highway markets. If you're looking for technologically advanced applications, look no further than KIRKS.
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kirks steering parts

Steering Systems

Tough and reliable solutions to fulfill your steering and suspension needs. We offer a full range of heavy-duty options. Each part we sell is built for optimal fit and performance capabilities.
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kirks glass parts

Glass, Lighting, and Wipers

Automotive parts for every season that are easy to install. The smart design of our lightning, wiper and various glass products improve the efficiency and overall safety of your vehicles.
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kirks test stands

Transit Tech 6000 Test Stand

Specially designed to test engines of varying weight and sizes. These specialized products allow our OEMs to easily and efficiently measure and calculate different variables of their engines.
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