Starting and Charging

Dependable and reliable products that you can count on. We carry battery and load testers, chargers, jump starters and other various parts to boost your automotive equipment.

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Starting, Charging and Electrical

Starting and Charging

KIRKS carries a full line of starters and alternators for various applications ranging from automotive to medium and heavy-duty truck, as well as for marine, off-highway, agricultural, construction, school bus, motorcoach, and transit. KIRKS has partnered with premier manufacturers such as Leece Neville, Bosch, and Delco Remy to deliver an exceptional product lineup and world-class quality and support.

Can’t find what you need? KIRKS has been a starter and alternator remanufacturer for over 50 years and can help you find a solution to the most difficult problems and unique situations. Our expert staff can identify those hard-to-find parts and help you navigate the confusing part number landscape.

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High-output Alternators

KIRKS specializes in the remanufacturing of high-output alternators for the transit bus and motorcoach market. KIRKS has dedicated remanufacturing processes and assembly lines for the most popular applications, including the Remy 50DN, EMP Power450, and Niehoff C701, C703, C706, and C803D.

Is your maintenance team tired of unreliable repairs? Experience the KIRKS remanufacturing difference with extensive component level testing and full final load testing with our proprietary Transit-Tech 6000 test stand.

Drop-in Replacements

KIRKS new line of KA500 high-output alternators are drop-in replacements for both 50DN and Power450 alternators. KIRKS offers this line up with both three and four inch duct openings or as a new ductless variation. In addition, the alternators can be customized with ground isolation and noise suppression. Call KIRKS now to learn more!

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Electric Motors and Specialty Electrical Products

KIRKS is a leading remanufacturer of electric motors for the transit, fleet, and equipment markets. From small DC air conditioning blower motors for transit buses to large AC traction and hydraulic pump motors for forklifts, KIRKS does it all!

Setting the Standard

Our standard remanufacturing process guarantees that you will never get a simple repair. All units are completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and reassembled with all new wear items such as bearings and brushes. Every motor is load tested to guarantee that it will meet or exceed OEM specifications and receives our Approved EqualTM warranty.

Do you have unique needs that require a custom solution? KIRKS manufactures many specialty electrical products for our customers with surprising cost savings. These include custom rebuild kits and assemblies for their remanufacturing teams at their maintenance facilities. KIRKS in-house stator and field coil winding capabilities cover a wide range of products including the Allison Hybrid H40/50 EP stator. Talk to your KIRKS account manager to learn more about how we can help save your maintenance team time and money!

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Browse our complete inventory to find the exact part you’re looking for. We have a variety of products in stock and ready for you.

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