Eagle RTT 50

Eagle accepted the challenge from a US auto manufacturer to create a stand-up/sit down tow tractor that would allow them to standardize their global fleet.


Eagle RTT Electric Tugger

At the request of a major U.S. auto manufacturer, Eagle Tugs accepted the challenge of creating an industrial tow tractor that would allow them to standardize their global fleet. After years of research and design, with the collaboration of ergonomic and safety engineers, with continuous feedback from tow tractor operators worldwide, the Eagle RTT was born.
A New Generation of Electric Tuggers

The RTT-50 is energy efficient, ergonomically correct, and flexible enough to meet material handling needs across multiple manufacturing and distribution platforms.

By choosing the Eagle RTT as the standard for your entire tow tractor fleet, the result is: - Reduced cost of ownership by having one set of replacement parts - Fewer maintenance personnel, and - Reduced operator and maintenance training time

Streamline Operations

Adding to the RTT's reliability is its high efficiency AC electric drive, which requires no preventative maintenance. When you team this with an Opportunity Rapid Charge battery, the result is a material-handling tool with unparalleled productivity that can streamline any operation.

Standard Features
  • Stand Up or Sit- Down Operation
  • 2,000 Hour/ 1 Year Preventative
Selected Options
  • Break-away Pole-mounted Strobe with Tail/Brake Lights
  • Front and Rear E-Hitches with Remote Release

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Towing Capacity
50,000 lbs 22,680 kg
Turn Radius (outside)
88 in 2,238 mm
Front – Coil Spring Rear – Coil Spring
Service Brakes
Primary – Regenerative Secondary – Wet Disk

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