KIRKS’ KA500 & Remanufactured EMP Power 450

Get OEM-quality remanufactured EMP Power 450 alternators or KIRKS’ new equivalent: the KA500. The EMP 450 amp alternator is brushless, air-cooled, and designed for heavy-duty applications. The KA500 offers the same features and benefits as the EMP 450 and comes with the KIRKS Approved Seal™ certificate to ensure quality and performance.

kirks ductless alternator #ka500

Features & Benefits

  • Low Maintenance: Brushless alternators, like the EMP 450 and KA500, will never have broken, worn out, or stuck brushes, corroded or shorted slip rings, broken bush springs or shunts, or grounded rotor coils.
  • High Efficiency: These power alternators operate at a peak efficiency of 82%, meaning they use less horsepower and consume less fuel.
  • Durable: The simple yet effective design of these alternators means they can last longer, even in harsh conditions.
  • High Output: When the engine is idle (or at 2,000 RPM), the KA500 and EMP 450 output 290 amps.
  • Less Electrical Noise: These alternators feature just one return ground path to the alternator, reducing electrical noise in the engine’s grounding circuit. It also features integrated noise compression, which reduces AC noise from the DC circuit.
  • 4-Inch Rear Air Inlet Duct: The EMP 450 and KA500 feature a four-inch air inlet duct on the rear which helps increase the lifespan of the alternator.

KA500 and Remanufactured Power 450 Specifications


  • Peak Output: 450 amps
  • Idle Output: 290 amps
  • Weight: 100 lbs./ 45.36 kg
  • Packaging Dimensions: 10.2 in. (Diameter) x 15.6 in. (Length)/ 25.9 cm (Diameter) x 39.6 cm (Length)
  • Peak Efficiency: 83%

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