KIRKS’ KA535 & Remanufactured EMP Power 535

Get superior performance and stability at idle and lower speeds from KIRKS KA535 and save as much as 50% on fleet alternator maintenance. KIRKS Remanufactured EMP 535 brushless, air-cooled alternators offer the same benefits, features, and specifications.

kirks ductless alternator #ka500

Features & Benefits

  • Exceptional Efficiency: By operating at 325 amps during engine idling and a peak efficiency of 83%, these alternators use less engine horsepower and consume less fuel.
  • Durable: Dependable under harsh conditions.
  • 4-Inch Rear Air Inlet Duct: Maximizing air cooling increases the lifespan of the EMP 535 and KA535 alternators and eliminates oil leaks.
  • Less Electrical Noise: Electrical noise suppression technology enables cleaner electrical power and performance reliability even under the most extreme conditions.
  • Low Maintenance: Change intervals of over 17,000 hours or 42 months.
  • Reliable Design: Brushless design containing fewer moving parts, collecting less debris and experiencing less wear and tear over time.

KA535 and Remanufactured Power 535 Specifications


  • Peak Output: 535 amps
  • Idle Output: 325 amps
  • Weight: 100 lbs./ 45.36 kg
  • Packaging Dimensions: 10.2 in. (Diameter) x 15.6 in. (Length)/ 25.9 cm (Diameter) x 39.6 cm (Length)
  • Peak Efficiency: 83%

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