KIRKS ToolBOX: Equipping Technicians with Training and Knowledge Across the USA

Many maintenance facilities and transit authority garages want to keep their remanufacturing processes in-house. Technicians and mechanics need professional training to be confident that their rebuilds will meet minimum OEM standards and minimize vehicle downtime.

Industry Trends for Training

WrenchWay’s 2022 Survey on trends for technicians and mechanics has insights for shop managers who want to attract top talent.

When it comes to providing ongoing training for technicians, training ranks as a top priority after compensation. Surprisingly, respondents reported that only 41% of shops offer technician training three or more times a year.

  • 61% of technicians think their shop understands the importance of training employees.
  • 40% of technicians agree that their favorite part about being a technician is getting to work with their hands. 38% of technicians enjoy using their critical thinking skills.

In a recent article by Jennifer Herrity, a career services professional with 12+ years of experience in career coaching, recruiting, and leadership roles, she discusses the importance of training for technical teams.

11 Benefits of Providing Training for Employees:

  1. Increased Productivity and Performance
  2. Uniformity 
  3. Reduce Waste
  4. Reduces Supervision
  5. Promotes from Within
  6. Better Organizational Structure
  7. Boosts Morale
  8. Improved Knowledge of Policy and Goals
  9. Better Customer Validation
  10. Improved Workplace Environment
  11. Improved and Updated Technology

Focus on Training with KIRKS ToolBOX

KIRKS’ extensive experience in remanufacturing provides us with the ability to offer tips, insights, and best practices for technicians and maintenance teams with on-site training. 

The frustrations that come along with refurbishing a dirty, damaged core are real. We hear mechanics’ and technicians’ issues and provide meaningful suggestions to optimize their in-house processes. We created the ToolBOX service to equip maintenance teams with the confidence to, disassemble, inspect, reassemble, and test different types of units. 

We provide a simple approach to a complex process to produce efficient in-house remanufacturing and installation throughout the country. 

What benefits do technicians and mechanics find with onsite training?

Many of our customers bring us in to train new technicians because of shifting roles for their employees. WrenchWay’s survey also had respondents say that 90% of technicians think cross-training in a shop is important. 

Employees placed in a new department with little to no knowledge of disassembling, assembling, and installing a unit are at a disadvantage. Lack of training and a straightforward process leads to low morale, vehicle performance, and safety issues. 

Shop managers and supervisors appreciate KIRKS’ hands-on approach, helping bring peace of mind that their crews have an efficient and reliable process in remanufacturing and installation. 

In the video below, Mike Smith, our senior ToolBOX instructor, is onsite at a transit authority garage. Mike guides technicians through remanufacturing an alternator, from disassembly to final load testing with KIRKS’ Transit-Tech 6000 Test Stand. 

The KIRKS ToolBOX Difference

KIRKS trainers create a personal connection with technicians. They have a direct line of communication with our instructors: a free flow of questions and answers throughout the training and support with post-training questions. 

From small in-house shops to metropolitan transit authorities with rotating crews, we can train your teams and provide support for troubleshooting, parts, remans, and installs. Training is engaging from beginning to completion, equipping your team for proper implementation every time. They’ll be equipped to keep your vehicles moving with confidence.

Onsite Mechanical Training Locations and Getting Started

KIRKS offers training in your shop across the USA. We welcome calls for questions and even at our front counter. 

Call KIRKS to schedule on-site training at your shop for the technicians to confidently keep vehicles moving.