Who Needs an Inventory Management System?

Local government agencies and municipalities must maintain inventory across agencies and provide access to designated personnel with security, economy, and accountability.

Manufacturers with multiple locations require parts and supplies stocked with efficiency, real-time reporting, and cost-effective solutions. Public companies must track and document inventory to maintain compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Why Implement an Inventory Management System?

Municipalities and companies deal with constant inventory issues and need solutions to meet production, provide employees with supplies, and serve customers.

Inventory Management ProblemKIRKS Inventory Management System Solutions
Inflated costs  Cost Savings
Supply chain hiccups Supply Chain Resources
Purchasing inefficiencies Seamless Purchasing
Insufficient reports Realtime Data
Out-of-control inventory Inventory Control
Inadequate stock Demand-Driven Stocking Levels
Incorrect parts Professional Management
Non-compliant records Compliance-approved reporting
Wasted labor Time-saving access
Untimely deliveries Delivery Tracking and Signatures
Disconnected departments Realtime Inventory Views Across Multiple Stockrooms
Unreliable vendors Strategic Sourcing
Unnecessary duplication at locations Strategic Stocking Levels by Branch
Off-contract spending Automated cost control
Lengthy procurement RFP Management

Procurement Managers and Departments Require More

Procurement managers’ responsibilities have expanded and often include inventory planning, control, access, purchasing, delivery, and accurate data, requiring a system that meets these needs in real-time. 

Effective inventory management requires a comprehensive system that integrates seamlessly with an organization’s supply needs and operations. Inventory management systems also need smooth onboarding and a short learning curve for everyone who will use it.

Municipalities and manufacturers are gaining awareness of the value of an integrated procurement and inventory management system. They understand that choosing a long-term partner will be critical to sustainable growth in constantly fluctuating economies and industry disruptions.

The procurement department’s expectations for inventory management software solutions are high as the demands they must meet continue to increase. A prerequisite for inventory management software is that it has the capacity to operate at an enterprise level.

Enterprise Management System

KIRKS’ total enterprise-wide integrated management delivers these solutions. Parts distribution and remanufacturing operations utilize multi-stockroom functions and powerful technologies to optimize effectiveness and efficiency.

Inventory Management

The KIRKS system unites inventory planning and inventory control to create what we call effective Inventory Management. As a result, KIRKS has a systematic approach to managing your biggest capital asset. The proprietary optimization technology combines all inventory activities related to inventory demand forecasting, replenishment, and efficiently controlling currently stocked items. 

  • Inventory Network Search (AIN)
  • EDI Vendor Purchase Orders and Invoices
  • EDI Advanced Shipping Notices
  • Kitting (Made to Order and Made to Stock)
  • Core Management
  • Single and Multi-Branch Purchasing

Warehouse Management

From single stockroom to multi-stockroom operations, the KIRKS Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a best-of-breed solution. KIRKS WMS is infused with extensive inbound order management and outbound warehouse operation functionality, including but not limited to:

  • EDI advanced shipping notices from suppliers
  • Bar code scanning to and from inventory
  • Put-away and Returns Processing
  • Core Return
  • Product Labeling
  • Bin Locations
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Staging
  • Warranty Tracking

Data Analysis Support

  • Real-Time Access to Data
  • Schedule Reports
  • Export to Excel, PDF, Email
  • Report Sharing
  • Easily Create Compelling Reports
    • Usage/Sales
    • Inventory 
    • Purchasing 
    • Financial Analysis

Report Security Level Viewing 

  • Report Archiving for Comparisons
  • Interactive Sorting and Grouping
  • On-the-Spot Information Drill Downs
  • Schedule Email Delivery of Reports to:
    • GSD Management
    • Staff

One Common Daily, Monthly, and Annual Analysis of All Locations! Stockroom Technology

KIRKS will provide the required software and hardware (technology) to be used in each stock room.

Workstations (Hardware):

  • PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse
  • UPS Battery backup and power strip
  • Laser printer
  • Sign Pad
  • Bar code label printer
  • WMS bar code scanner with charging cradle
  • WMS Access Point
  • Firewall with security and encryption capabilities
  • Internet circuit for access to the KIRKS system
  • Cables and installation services

Stockroom Software

  • Standard stock room software to perform all normal daily activities (replenish stock, receive inventory, print barcode labels, billings, etc.)
  • Perform physical inventory and cycle counts via WMS barcode scanner
  • Custom order entry interface linking Work Order/Authorization Number to parts ordered
  • An updated version of the parts inquiry program will display the four stock room locations.

KEY Advantages: 

Eliminate Unnecessary Price Markups

KIRKS Inventory Management provides immediate cost savings with more effective purchasing.

Utilize KIRKS In-House Capabilities

KIRKS provides valuable services at its headquarters, such as hydraulic cylinder repair, starter & alternator testing, DPF cleaning, and many other remanufacturing services. KIRKS eliminates 3rd and 4th party costs incurred.

Partner with a Committed Team of Specialists

  • KIRKS has been an aftermarket parts expert for over 75 years
  • KIRKS supply chain is optimized for heavy-duty & commercial vehicle applications
  • KIRKS trusted inventory management system is effective and efficient

KIRKS is your partner for parts, keeping your shop stocked with everything you need, from OEM and remanufactured parts to fluids and filters with a single purchase order. We’ll take the time to do it right-or better–the first time.