Quality Hydraulic Remanufacturing and Custom Fabrication: Going the Extra Mile

Since COVID, the supply shortage has been extreme. So, instead of making our customers wait, we’re able to remanufacture, or custom fabricate hydraulic components, so our customers get what they need. – Steve Smith, Hydraulic Technology Manager

KIRKS Hydraulic Remanufacturing and Custom Fabrication

Remanufacturing and Custom Hydraulic Fabrication

At this writing, the supply storage has massively impacted the availability of new parts. Many of our hydraulic customers have found themselves unable to get what they need. Combined with our remanufacturing process, custom fabrication provides a complete solution to meet our customers’ needs.

This post will take a high-level look at KIRKS remanufacturing and custom fabrication for hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic Remanufacturing

Our process begins with a thorough inspection. When we receive a customer’s core, we start with complete disassembly and inspection. 

Inspecting each piece, our technicians determine which parts meet specifications within allowable tolerances, which parts need attention, and which are unusable and require replacement with a custom fabricated or new part.

After inspection, based on what is needed, remanufacturing hydraulics may include the following steps in our process: 

  1. Rechroming: We remove damaged or worn chrome on rods and replace them with new chrome. After this process, rods look and function like brand new.
  2. Honing: We machine out grooves in the interior of the barrel to a mirror-smooth finish using a three-jawed stone wheel. Honing fixes the wear and scratches on the barrel and creates smooth contact surfaces for extended and superior functioning.
  3. Resealing: We replace worn and torn seals.
  4. Testing: We assemble and test the remanufactured part under load, and up to twice the PSI they are rated for to ensure they meet or exceed OEM specifications. 

From beginning to end, our process is precise and thorough. It can stand the test against the “repacking” repair services offered by repair vendors. 

Industrial Hydraulic - KIRKS Remanufacturing and Fabrication

Attention to Quality Control in Remanufacturing Hydraulic Systems 

Thousands of hydraulic systems have been remanufactured by our skilled technicians. Our process-driven remanufacturing includes serious quality control: rigorous load testing to simulate real-world conditions. 

If a shop is going to cut corners, testing is most commonly where that happens! We hear nightmare stories from customers who have opened repaired parts—even brand new—that immediately leak and fail. 

KIRKS’ hydraulic testing equipment handles even a 20-foot telescopic and runs every hydraulic system before transferring it to our shipping department. 

Maintenance teams can be confident they’re not wasting time installing an inferior hydraulic component repair. If the KIRKS Approved EqualTM seal is on the equipment, it’s guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Custom Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing

Parts that are no longer manufactured by the OEM or unavailable due to supply chain issues do not mean a hydraulic system is destined for the scrap bin. KIRKS’ technicians take on the challenge!

When components of a hydraulic assembly are unusable for remanufacturing, such as a broken clevis, bent piston rods, or excessively worn shafts, KIRKS has a fully equipped machine shop and skilled technicians for in-house custom manufacturing and fabrication. 

Our hydraulics team collaborates with our machine shop to fabricate new parts identical to the old part. Even if it’s just a small component—like a clevis or gland nut—we will fabricate it in our remanufacturing process. With in-house capabilities, custom fabrication often results in lower costs and prompt turn-around. 

The Custom Fabrication Process

Our process for reverse engineering custom fabrication begins with the core and finishes with thorough testing for dependable, KIRKS Approved EqualTM quality. 

  1. Core Replacement with KIRKS Core ProgramTM KIRKS coordinates the core pickup, pays the freight, and won’t “nitpick” the condition of cores to reject or adjust charges.
  2. Inspection: Our technicians completely disassemble the core and perform a comprehensive evaluation. All piston seals, rod seals, wear bands, O-rings, and wipers are discarded to be replaced with new upon reassembly.
  3. Measurements: Micrometers and calipers are used to measure each part, including gland nuts, rods, clevis, and pistons.
  4. Fabrication: Based on precise measurements, we create drawings that our machinists use to fabricate new parts to the precise sizes required. The bore, rod and piston diameter, and stroke of the fabricated part will be manufactured exactly to specification.
  5. Assembly: All cleaned, refurbished, and new replacement parts move to weld and final assembly.
  6. Testing: Custom fabricated parts are tested to nearly real-world conditions, up to 4,000 psi. Testing under load confirms no leaks and that all welding and assembly holds. 
KIRKS Hydraulic Remanufacturing and Fabrication cut-a-way

The final product of this process is a custom fabricated part that is indiscernible from the original with guaranteed quality and function.

With KIRKS remanufactured and custom fabricated parts, our customers can be confident that when they install remanufactured hydraulics, they will perform on the job.


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