Trust KIRKS REMAN For Your Transit Fleet Parts

Kirks approved equal certified quality seal

Transit and fleet industry leaders in North America trust KIRKS to deliver OEM replacement engines and many other remanufactured components. ALL KIRKS REMAN products are certified by our KIRKS APPROVED EQUAL™ Seal of Certified Quality. This seal guarantees that all parts we remanufacture and manufacture meet OEM specifications.

Keep reading to learn more about the components and brands that we remanufactured.

Types of Remanufactured Parts

KIRKS is proud to offer fleet managers a wide range of high-quality remanufactured components, including:

  • Alternators: We offer many high-output alternators, including remanufactured Niehoff’s brushless, heavy-duty alternators, and remanufactured EMP’s Power 450 series. Our team can help you find the best solutions for your fleet.
  • Radiators: We carry drop-in replacement Transit Cooling Solutions® radiators for all types of fleets, including coaches, school buses, and transits.
  • Heater Coolant Pumps and Motors: KIRKS is a factory-authorized remanufacturer for AMETEK® products. We specialize in remanufacturing 18 and 26-GPM heater coolant pumps and motors for transit vehicles and school buses. 
  • Diesel-Powered Coolant Heaters: At KIRKS, we remanufacture all types of ProHeat® diesel-powered coolant heaters, including the M50 and M80. 
  • Steering Gears: Find OEM-quality steering gears from KIRKS. We carry many remanufactured gears, including the Ross TAS65, Sheppard 492, and Sheppard M110.


KIRKS remanufactures some of the most trusted brands of high-output transit alternators. These brands include:

  • C.E. Niehoff Co: Niehoff is a leading global provider of brushless, heavy-duty alternators for all types of industries. Niehoff alternators resist damage when operating in unstable conditions, eliminate internal arcing problems, and reduce energy use.
  • EMP: EMP’s Power 450 is a high-amp, high-efficiency alternator that powerfully resists damage from extreme temperatures and harsh environments. Its ability to run cooler than other alternators makes it one of the longest-lasting alternators on the market.
  • Delco Remy®: Delco Remy® manufactures off-road and commercial alternators. Their brushless alternators have minimal moving parts to streamline operational durability. Additionally, some Delco Remy® alternators function via remote sensing technology.

Ensure Your Parts Are KIRKS Approved Equal™

For over 70 years, transit and fleet industry professionals have trusted KIRKS for high-quality OEM replacements and remanufactured parts. All remanufactured products come with a KIRKS APPROVED EQUAL™ Seal of Certified Quality, which means they are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Contact us today to learn more about our line of KIRKS REMAN products or to request a quote.