Hydraulic Parts Repair & Fabrication

Reliable Hydraulic Repair

Industrial trucks and other equipment rely on hydraulic systems to move, lift, or tow tremendous weight. If you’re experiencing issues with your hydraulic parts, turn to KIRKS for reliable hydraulic repair and fabrication services. Plus, when you partner with us, you’ll take advantage of our Approved Equal™ Seal of Certified Quality that ensures that your component meets or exceeds OEM specifications.

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Hydraulic Parts Fabrication

When it comes to repairing or improving your industrial equipment, you may encounter one challenge: getting the right components. It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to suddenly discontinue parts, or to see unusually high turnaround times for replacements.

That’s why KIRKS delivers custom part fabrication services. We can fabricate almost any commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) hydraulic part, including hydraulic hose connectors and hydraulic cylinders. And, we ensure peace of mind by including our KIRKS Warranty with any remanufactured or specially engineered part.

Hydraulic Cylinder & Motor Repair Services

Sometimes a full replacement isn’t necessary. At KIRKS, we can determine the most cost-effective solution for you. Whether it’s a complete overhaul or minor reconditioning, you can trust us to fix your hydraulic cylinders, motors, pumps, valves, power units, and more. The quality and reliability of our hydraulic repair services are trusted by fleet and transit industry professionals across the nation.

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Hydraulic Remanufacturing

When remanufacturing a part, we always disassemble, clean, and inspect every component for quality. We may replace certain components if they don’t meet OEM standards. After we’re finished building your new part, we’ll always test it under full load to ensure performance and quality. Additionally, we always stamp our remanufactured parts with an Approved Equal™ seal, which means that your part meets or exceeds OEM specifications.

Trusted by Fleet & Transit Industry Professionals

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