KIRKS ToolBox Webinar featuring CELECT: Air Disc Brake Preventative Maintenance Calipers, Celect Pads, & Rotors

Get ready to explore the cutting-edge advancements reshaping the world of brakes! Watch the webinar replay with Rob Alvarado, an authority in heavy-duty brake systems.

Key Points Covered:

✔️ Copper-Free Pad Formulations: Copper-free compliance is coming. Rob will unveil the formulations that are reshaping heavy-duty braking applications. 

✔️ Preventative Maintenance Techniques: Rob will be demonstrating an OE-authorized brake pad change. He will share invaluable insights on maintenance and the tools to maximize performance and longevity. 

✔️ Testing Procedures: How to identify common caliper failures and testing procedures.

KIRKS is partnering with CELECT to bring you expert insights. Watch the webinar here!


CELECT Brake Pads and Rotors represent a superior solution, meeting safety, performance, and environmental requirements in heavy-duty applications. Engineered for consistent, reliable braking performance in demanding bus applications, CELECT offers options in low metallic organic base and copper-free materials.