The Transit Pro Bus Pusher: Bringing Efficiency and Safety to Every Garage 

Maneuvering a disabled bus or coach through a service garage poses a difficult challenge for maintenance teams. The Eagle Transit Pro does more than efficiently and safely serve as a robust bus pusher. It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of the transit garage. 

Youtube Short showing the TTR-6TP in action

The Eagle Transit Pro is a task-specific, customized Eagle Tow Tractor (commonly called Tuggers). You can read how fleet and maintenance managers rely on Eagle Tuggers as a powerful solution for many industrial, automotive, and transit applications here

For decades, KIRKS has been customizing Eagle Tuggers for fleet and industrial maintenance teams. As our services expanded to transit authorities, we witnessed first-hand the difficulty of moving disabled buses through the garage. The KIRKS team got busy innovating another solution, and the Eagle Transit Pro was born. 

Employing Eagle Tuggers

KIRKS developed a custom solution to respond to the problem of moving inoperable transit vehicles and developed the Eagle Transit Pro (TTR-6TP). The TTR-6TP is built on the power and design of Eagle Tuggers and is custom-made to move inoperable transit vehicles. The TTR-6TP is the only one of its kind on the market, and KIRKS is the authorized distributor. 

Transit Pros are available in Diesel and Electric Models
The TTR-6TP, TTR-8TP, and TTR-12TP are diesel models. The eTT-12TP and eTT-16TP offer Transit Pro options in electric models.

The Challenge of Disabled Buses 

The incredible weight and length of transit vehicles make many traditional solutions ineffective and unsafe. Maintenance teams must use makeshift solutions like forklifts and tow trucks to move these vehicles. 

Forklifts or tow trucks lack maneuverability or the required power to move buses efficiently and safely. With tow ratings often at several 1,000 pounds or even 10,000 pounds below what is needed to move a transit bus, these unconventional workarounds are unsafe and put operators at risk. Even further, damage to both the bus and forklift is a common problem. 

Specifically designed for this task, the Eagle Transit Pro can move a disabled bus with ease. The TTR-6TP has a towing and pushing capacity of 85,000 lbs. and can handle all bus models. With an operator directing the bus and a TTR-6TP providing the power, mechanics can easily maneuver disabled vehicles into service garages. Operators can do this with agility and efficiency without worrying about damage to the bus or the Transit Pro. 

Eagle Transit Pro’s Customized Features for the Job 

What makes the Eagle Transit Pro equipped for the job? Specialized design and customized accessories provide safe, efficient, and responsive options for bus maintenance teams. 

Specialized design with one-of-a-kind features:

The Eagle Transit Pro is designed from front to back to make vehicle pushing safe and effective. 

Eagle tow-tractors are the only all-wheel drive tow-tractors available, and the Eagle Transit Pro uses this unique feature for reliable performance in any weather conditions. 

  • TTR-6TPs are also equipped with front and rear bumpers that meet the height of all bus bumpers to support pushing vehicles without causing damage.
  • The rear hitch allows the flexibility to switch from pushing to pulling and vice versa as needed.
  • Options for sit-and-stand, ergonomic cabins, and temperature control provide comfort for operators. 

Custom accessories keep what you need at hand:

The Eagle Transit Pro comes fitted with accessories that allow mechanics to meet almost any need while moving a disabled vehicle. 

  • Integrated 12V/24V jump-start system services dead batteries while out of the garage
  • Air-compression system inflates flat tires and supports bus air systems
  • Storage utility box keeps often-used tools stowed and accessible 

Altogether, these accessories allow mechanics to be responsive to the situation and efficiently maneuver buses through the garage. 

Operator Training:

While the Eagle Transit Pro has a short learning curve, KIRKS will provide operator training in driving, accessories, and safety. 

Determining the Right Eagle Transit Pro 

Every transit garage needs an Eagle Transit Pro to support its maintenance and service needs. To determine which TTR-6TP customizations will be required, it’s essential to correctly evaluate your application and performance requirements. 

Slopes and Inclines

While TTR-6TPs have a towing capacity of 85,000 lbs. and a drawbar pull of 8,000 lbs., the physics equation changes dramatically if pulling or pushing on slopes or inclines. Moving buses to the basement or upper-level maintenance facilities will require a more powerful model of TTR-6TP. 

Weather Conditions

While all-wheel drive provides steady traction in slick weather, excessive heat or cold or extreme weather conditions can impact engine and machine performance and require custom solutions. Additional custom accessories are also available to respond specifically to unique applications. 

Getting an accurate assessment is easy.

Three steps will provide a customized quote so you can be confident that the Transit Pro delivered to your shop meets all the requirements you’ll need. 

1. Complete a simple online Eagle Tow Tractor Information form here

2. A KIRKS product specialist will perform a site survey.

 3. You’ll receive the specs for the ideal Eagle Transit Pro customized for your application. 

Check out the Eagle Transit Pro in action in the Youtube Short below!

Eagle is known for Power and Value 

KIRKS built the Eagle Transit Pro on the robust Eagle Tugger that maintenance managers and technicians depend on. Eagle tow tractors feature best-in-class advantages for medium- and heavy-duty applications and offer durability with unparalleled reliability. Properly maintained, Eagle Tuggers have a run-time of 10 hours at 50% of rated engine power and are known to run for 15 to 20 years without replacement. 

Eagle Transit Pros are designed for heavy-duty reliability. Eagle Tuggers have an outstanding reputation: they won’t break down, sporting an excellent track record with regular maintenance. KIRKS backs all Eagle Transit Pros with an unsurpassed 2000-hour/1-year warranty on electric models. 

KIRKS product specialists equip your team to keep vehicles moving! 

KIRKS has innovated custom solutions for three generations to solve problems for the automotive, transit, and industrial markets. The Eagle Transit Pro represents our commitment to our customers so they can provide essential transportation services to their customers. 

As the exclusive distributor of the Eagle Transit Pro and all Eagle products for industrial and transit markets nationwide, KIRKS has become the trusted resource for reliable Eagle equipment. 

Completing this Eagle Tugger Information Request Form is the first step to outfitting your shop with the Eagle Transit Pro. KIRKS product specialists will recommend the Eagle Transit Pro model to meet your performance requirements and provide training for operators. 

KIRKS is your partner for parts, keeping your shop stocked with everything you need, from OEM and remanufactured parts to fluids and filters with a single purchase order. We’ll take the time to do it right-or better–the first time.