12 GPM Sealless Pump with 3″ Motor

12 GPM Sealless Pump with 3" Motor

The ROTRON® Transportation 12 GPM Sealless Pump is equipped with a 3″ Brushless DC Motor. It guarantees a design life of 40,000 hours and has the capacity to extract 12 gallons of an ethylene glycol and water mixture every minute.

This pump is offered in both 12 VDC and 24 VDC models, making it exceptionally suited for demanding transportation needs. This includes applications in transit buses, construction and mining vehicles, heavy-duty agricultural equipment, as well as on- and off-highway vehicles.
Pump Features
  • Sealless design is leak proof; pump is magnetically coupled to motor
  • Motor is removable from pump without draining system
  • Environmentally resistant to hot-water spray, salt, fog, shock and vibration
Motor Features
  • 12 VDC and 24 VDC models available
  • Variable speed version available
  • Electronically Commutated DC (ECDC™) motor design provides for maintenance-free operation by
    eliminating brush motor failures and brush maintenance
  • Rare-earth magnets provide high efficiency and low current draw
  • “O” ring sealed for harsh operating environment
  • Medium-duty construction required for transit bus and construction equipment
Part Numbers Available
  • 150042-11
  • 150042-21
  • 150042-31
  • 150042-41

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