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Guide to BOSCH Dosing & Supply Modules

Fleet managers depend on BOSCH’s dosing and supply modules to ensure vehicle gas exhaust emissions comply with federal and state regulations. Both modules are used together in one system to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions to nearly zero levels.

In BOSCH’s unique denoxtronic system, the supply module is responsible for filtering and pumping AdBlue® (BOSCH’s proprietary urea-water diesel exhaust fluid) to the dosing module, which then sprays the solution into the catalytic converter.

Dosing Module

BOSCH’s dosing modules adapt easily to a variety of fleet vehicle exhaust systems. Technical specs of a BOSCH dosing module include:

  • Maximum Service Life: 35,000 hours
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: 180 degrees Celsius 
  • Operating Pressure: 9 bar
  • AdBlue® Inlet Temperature: 90 degrees Celsius 


  • Safe Operation at High Temperatures: The module’s dynamic water-cooling system allows it to be safely used in exhaust systems operating at excessively high temperatures.
  • Adjustable Spray Parameters: Spray patterns and parameters can be modified to the exhaust system’s precise requirements. 
  • Multiple Module Variants: Multiple variants of BOSCH’s dosing module are available to ensure easy integration. 

Supply Module

BOSCH’s standard commercial vehicle supply module is uniquely designed with diaphragm pump technology and low-power solenoid valves to ensure precise distribution of AdBlue® and an advanced filtration system to prevent contamination. 

BOSCH’s supply module is best used with DI-SCR systems. Technical specifications include:

  • Dosing Rate: Up to 18 kg/h
  • Operating Pressure: 9 Bar
  • Operating Voltage: 12V or 24V
  • On-Highway Service Life: 35,000 hours
  • Off-Highway Service Life: 15,000 hours


  • No Draining in Frigid Temperatures: This supply module is designed to eliminate the need for draining in frigid temperatures. 
  • Ensures Compliance: The supply module ensures compliance with current and future emission standards
  • Versatile: This system works in on- and off-highway vehicle operations.

Denoxtronic Supply Module

BOSCH’s advanced denoxtronic supply module electronically delivers diesel exhaust fluid that decreases the level of nitrogen oxide in exhaust systems. BOSCH manufactures two variants: one with a pressure sensor and one without. 

Technical specs of the Denoxtronic supply module include:

  • Maximum Flow Rate: 3.9 kg/h
  • Operating Voltage: 8V-16V
  • Operating Pressure: 6.0 ± 0.5 bar
  • Lifespan (for Light Commercial Vehicles): 8,000 hours 


  • Anti-Freezing Protection: When the engine is turned off, pressure lines are evacuated to prevent freezing in cold temperatures.
  • Advanced Monitoring: DEF concentration, temperature, and level are detected by sensors monitoring each parameter. This allows the integrated heater to only thaw the necessary DEF dosing to meet OEM requirements.
  • On-Demand Operation: The module’s unique solenoid membrane pump ensures DEF is only injected when needed.
  • Reduced Power Consumption: During the stopping and starting process, the system remains optimally pressurized to reduce power consumption and improve carbon dioxide balance.
  • Minimal Space Needed: Minimal need for installation space due to its flat, uniform design.

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